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Breaking Connections (2015)

The Adventures of Vela (2009)

The Songmaker's Chair (2004)

The Mango's Kiss (2003)

The Book of the Black Star (2002)

Nuanua: Pacific Writing in English since 1980 (1995)

Black Rainbow (1991)

Ola (1991)

Shaman of Visions (1984)

Leaves of the Banyan Tree (1979)

Pouliuli (1977)

Sons for the Return Home (1973)


Short Story Collections

Ancestry (2012)

The Best of Albert Wendt's Short Stories (1999)

The Birth and Death of the Miracle Man (1986)

Flying Fox in a Freedom Tree: An Other Stories (1974)


Poetry Collections

From Mānoa to a Ponsonby Garden (2012)

Whetu Moana: A Collection of Pacific Poems (2002)

Photographs (1995)

Inside Us the Dead. Poems 1961 to 1974 (1976)



Comes the Revolution (1972)

The Contract (1972)