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The Shepherd's Hut (2018)

Eyrie (2013)

Breath (2008)

Dirt Music (2001)

Blueback (1997)

The Riders (1994)

Cloudstreet (1991)

Lockie Leonard (1990)

In the Winter Dark (1988)

That Eye, The Sky (1986)

Shallows (1984)

An Open Swimmer (1982)


Children's and Young Adult's Book

The Deep (1998)

Lockie Leonard, Legend (1997)

Lockie Leonard, Scumbuster (1993)

The Bugalugs Bum Thief (1991)

Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo (1990)

Jesse (1988)


Short Story Collections

The Turning (2005)

On Her Knees (2004)

The Collected Shorter Novels of Tim Winton (1995)

Minimum Of Two (1987)

A Blow, A Kiss (1985)

Scission (1985)



Shrine (2013)

Signs of Life (2012)

Rising Water (2011)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

The Boy Behind the Curtain (2016)

Tide-Lands - Idris Murphy (2015)

Island Home (2015)

Smalltown (2009)

Down to Earth: Australian Landscapes (1999)

Local Colour: Travels in the Other Australia (1994)

Land's Edge (1993)


Audio and Audiovisual Material

Tim Winton Talks To John Williams at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. YouTube, 25 Sep. 2019