Wright, Judith

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Half a Lifetime (2001)

We Call for a Treaty (1985)

The Cry for the Dead (1981)

The Coral Battleground (1977)

Range the Mountains High (1962)

The Generations of Men (1959)

Kings of the Dingoes (1958)


Poetry Collections

Bullocky (1993)

The Flame Tree (1993)

A Human Pattern (1990)

Phantom Dwelling (1985)

The Double Tree (1978)

Train Journey (1978)

Foruth Quarter and Other Poems (1976)

The Nature of Love (1966)

The Other Half (1966)

City Sunrise (1964)

Hunting Snake (1964)

Australian Bird Poems (1961)

The Two Fires (1955)

The Gateway (1953)

The Old Prison (1949)

Woman to Child (1949)

Woman to Man (1949)

South of My Days (1946)

Bora Ring (1946)

The Moving Image (1946)