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Autobiography/Life Writing

The Life and Rhymes of Benjamin Zephaniah (2018)

Benjamin Zephaniah: My Story (2011)



Terror Kid (2014)

Teacher's Dead (2007)

Gangsta Rap (2004)

Refugee Boy (2001)


Children's Books

When I Grow Up (2011)

J is for Jamaica (2006)

Chambers Primary Rhyming Dictionary (2004)

We Are Britain! (2002)

Face (1999)


Poetry Collections

Too Black, Too Strong (2001)

The Little Book of Vegan Poems (2001)

Wicked World! (2000)

School's Out: Poems Not for School (1997)

Funky Chickens (1996)

Propa Propaganda (1996)

Talking Turkeys (1995)

City Psalms (1992)

Inna Liverpool (1992)

CIty Psalms (1992)

The Dread Affair: Collected Poems (1985)

Pen Rhythm (1980)


Plays/ Scripts

Face (2008)

Listen to Your Parents (2007)



'Me? I Thought, OBE me? Up Yours, I Thought' (2003)


Audio and Audiovisual Material

Benjamin Zephaniah: A Poet Called Benjamin Part 1. YouTube, 7 Nov. 2008

Benjamin Zephaniah : A Poet Called Benjamin Part 2. YouTube, 7 Nov. 2008

Benjamin Zephaniah: A Poet Called Benjamin Part 3. YouTube, 7 Nov. 2008

Benjamin Zephaniah : A Poet Called Benjamin. Part 4. YouTube, 7 Nov. 2008

McNay, Iain. Benjamin Zephaniah : A Poet Called Benjamin Part 5. YouTube, 7 Nov. 2008

McNay, Iain. Benjamin Zephaniah: A Poet Called Benjamin Part 6. YouTube, 7 Nov. 2008