Winter Term 2010/2011


"Representing India: From Word to Celluloid II"

Professor Makarand R. Paranjape (Delhi / Singapore)

  • Fr. 12.11   12.00-18.00
  • Sa. 13.11  10.00-16.00
  • Fr. 19.11   12.00-18.00
  • Sa. 20.11  10.00-16.00
  • Fr. 26.11   12.00-18.00 (16-18 exam)


Room: C 5.3 R120


This intermedial lecture series explores the diverse, sometimes conflicting, ways in which India is represented in modern fiction and popular culture, as found in transcultural novels and films. The core material of the course will consist of these three texts and their adaptations:

  • Noshtonir (1901) (“The Broken Nest”) by Rabindranath Tagore and filmed by Satyajit Ray as Charulata (1964)
  • A Passage to India (1924) by E.M. Forster, and its film version by David Lean (1984)
  • A Flight of Pigeons (1975) by Ruskin Bond, made into the movie Junoon (1978) by Shyam Benegal.


In order to view any of the films that you might not be able to procure, please get in touch with Cornelia Plach.



Regular attendance of all block seminars; end of term written test. Please check the TAS website under "Your Studies" for guidelines, also for guidance on taking notes during a lecture series. Please note that we expect you to have familiarised yourselves with both the novels and the films before the first session commences. This can only be done by repeated reading of the novels, as also by watching the films and taking notes while doing so. 



Transcultural Visual Narratives

Dr. Soenke Zehle

Mi 10-12

Room: C 5.4 (CIP-Pool) 1.09

Introduction to Africa's cinemas, including basic concepts of film analysis as well as literary and historical readings. Students are required to attend the African Cinema Festival 2010 and participate in workshops held by visiting directors. Readings will be made available.
Please register through CLIX.


Transatlantic British Slavery

Jan Rudolf

  • Fr. 03.12. 10-14 Uhr
  • Fr. 10.12. 10-14 Uhr
  • Fr. 17.12. 10-14 Uhr
  • Fr. 07.01. 10-14 Uhr
  • Fr. 14.01. 10-14 Uhr
  • Fr. 21.01. 10-14 Uhr
  • Fr. 28.01. 10-12 Uhr


Room:  C 5.4 (CIP-Pool) 1.10


During the transatlantic slave trade era, about 13,000,000 Africans were taken from their home country and transported over the Atlantic to work on plantations, fields, and in the mines as slaves. The British came to play the major role in this “accursed trade” (Olaudah Equiano), transporting 2,600,000 slaves, and forcing 2,000,000 of them to work in the British West Indies. In this seminar we are going to take a look at the British's participation in the transatlantic slave trade, as well as at some of the representations of this venture in prose from Aphra Behn's Oroonoko (1688) to Mary Prince's The History of Mary Prince (1831).



Transcultural Visual Narratives

Dr. Soenke Zehle

Mi 10-12

Room: C 5.4 (CIP-Pool) 1.09


Course description: see above