EUROSIM 2019 Seminar

Theme:A Modern Budget for a Union that Protects, Empowers and Defends

Apart from participating in all preparatory sessions and the final simulation in Rochester (NY), all EUROSIM 2019 participants are required to write an academic paper of 10-15 pages, in English, which counts as their seminar (6 CP).


Topic reservations:

The suggested topics are published below and can be reserved starting on Friday, 1 March 2019, 12 noon (only via e-mail:

Topic reservations sent before 1 March 2019, 12 noon will not be taken into account!

The assigned topics will be marked in red. Please make sure that you refresh the page regularly. The topics will be awarded chronologically on a first come first serve basis. Therefore, please indicate 3 alternative topics from the list, in your order of preference, in case your topic has already been reserved by another participant.

ATTENTION:You are strongly encouraged to come up with your own topic, if another aspect of the EU Budget interests you more. Said topic is subject to our approval and needs to be of a general nature as well (for example, topics such as “Estonia’s contribution to the EU Budget” cannot be accepted). Once approved, the topic will be included in red on the suggested topics list to avoid overlaps.


Suggested topics:

1. The legal history of the EU budget


2. Is the EU budget fair? The relationship between net contributors and other member states


3. The future of regional funding in the EU budget


4. The EU budget and the rule of law: no money for Member States disregarding European values?


5. The implications of BREXIT on the EU budget


6. The future of the Common Agricultural Policy in the EU budget


7. Funding of research activities under the new MFF 2021-2027


8. The process of defining the EU budget: tools, rules and strategies [similar topic suggested, pending approval]


9. The influence of the European Commission in defining the EU budget: pure facilitator or key actor?


10. “Climate proofing” the EU budget: challenges and opportunities


11. European Solidarity and EU enlargement plans in the new MFF – the good, the bad and the ugly


12. The new MFF 2021-2027 – an investment in Europe’s Youth?


13. Balancing European interests and international development goals in the new MFF


14. Policy conditionality – a viable instrument for the future of the EU budget?


15. Transparency and Accountability of the EU budget


16. A battle won? EU as security and defence provider under the new MFF 2021-2027


17. Differentiated integration: addressing the proposal for a Eurozone budget


Work instructions:

On Friday, 1 March 2019, you will receive via email the work instructions, as well as the guidelines for academic writing. Your seminar paper must comply with all the requirements contained therein.

The final paper has to be handed in by Monday, 20 May 2019, at 12 noon. You must provide two printed copies of your work to Corina Voda (Building B 2.1 / Chair of Prof. Giegerich / 2nd floor / room 2.21) andsend it electronically as a Word-file and a PDF-file to There will be no oral presentation of your seminar paper.

If you have questions on the structure or the general direction of your paper, please make an appointment with Corina Voda for a short discussion. Please be aware that your supervisor is available for general academic questions and cannot do your research or review your drafts.


Good luck J