Getting Started with PK-Sim

The PBPK Tutorial Team at Saarland University is happy to announce the first part of our Open Systems Pharmacology-Online tutorial series “Getting started with PK-Sim”. The series consists of 8 videos which take each less than 10 minutes to watch and cover the PK-Sim basics from “How to install PK-Sim?”, over the generation of the different PK-Sim building blocks, up to “How to set up a simulation in PK-Sim?”.

You can watch them also as a playlist on our YouTube channel 

The observed data required for tutorial "7. How to add observed data in PK-Sim?" can be downloaded here (Link).

The PK-Sim file with the final configuration as you might have built it after the last video can be downloaded here (Link, built with PK-Sim Version 7.4).