Modeling and Simulation in Pharmaceutical Sciences Saarbrücken (MoSiPS)

Saarland university has a strong background in computational sciences. Also within pharmaceutical related sciences, many researchers use similar modeling and simulation techniques like PK, PD, PK/PD modeling, PBPK modeling, IVIVC, molecular modeling, systems biology, systems pharmacology, data mining, machine learning and others.


MoSiPS was established as an interest group of scientists working with modeling and simulation techniques in the area of pharmaceutical related sciences. In regular MoSiPS meetings it is aspired to learn from other disciplines by sharing techniques, results and experiences. Meetings are currently planned once or twice a year 3 to 4 hour period. The agenda will be compiled based on feedback provided by participants.


The meeting is open for everybody interested in this field. Scientists from all academic institutes, industry and regulatory agencies are welcome. 


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3rd MOSIPS Meeting

"Biological modeling - a mirror image of reality"

October 14, 2014.




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