A family-friendly infrastructure makes an important contribution to the compatibility of work or study and family.
The Family Office is happy to support institutes and faculties in setting up parent-child rooms or other infrastructural services for families.


The following rooms are suitable for working with a child, for breastfeeding or for childcare as part of our babysitting service.

  • Building A2 2, Room 3.14 (attic, SFB1102, inquire to sfb1102(at) or constanze.goebel(at)
  • Building B1 1, SULB: on the 1st floor, rest and breastfeeding room as well as a parent-child work area.
  • Building E1 1, Computer Science: Room U.16 (you can get the key in the Business Office, Building E1 3)
  • Building E2 5, Mathematics: breastfeeding and quiet room in the basement room E.32
  • Building E1 2, Room 0.09 (Diversity Room with KidsBox, key card can be obtained from our office)


If your department provides a parent-child room, a family-friendly workplace, a play corner or similar, please let us know at  familie(at) mit.


Rooms with baby changing facilities

  • Building A1 3, Developmental Psychology (2nd floor, corridor)
  • Building A3 1, Catholic University Community: Folding changing table in the disabled WC
  • Building A4 4, Campus Center: Changing table in the disabled WC
  • Building B1 1, SULB: Diaper-changing room in the disabled WC (ground floor)
  • Building C5 4, Language Centre: Folding changing table in the disabled WC
  • Building C9 3, Graduate Center: Folding changing table in the disabled WC (in the corridor in front of the conference room)
  • Building D4 1, Mensa: Changing table in the WC on the ground floor