Studying with child

Many students have family commitments alongside their studies. Some look after children, others care for relatives.
The Family Office helps to make studying family-friendly and offers comprehensive support on the topics of maternity leave, childcare, studying abroad with a child and more.

    • Maternity protection, parental leave and parental allowance

      The Maternity Protection Act also applies to female students. What does this mean for studying during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

    • Childcare

      What options do I have? Information on daycare, babysitting, care on campus or during holidays

    • Care is cancelled?

      The short-term care offered by our babysitting service helps with study-related obligations. Costs can be reimbursed.

    • Equal opportunities plan of the university

      Aims to reduce structural disadvantages, e.g. due to pregnancy or family responsibilities

    • Socialising with family?

      Yes! Quite simply at the Intercultural Family Meet & Eat

    • Studying part-time

      This modification of the study conditions can be an important help. Therefore, the recognised reasons for studying part-time include pregnancy, maternity leave and child-rearing responsibilities.