Good childcare is essential for reconciling family responsibilities and a successful study or academic career.
Do you need childcare? According to SGB VIII (Child and Youth Welfare Act), you are entitled to a childcare place for your child from the age of 1.
Here you can find out more about your options and the relevant service and contact points.

In a personal meeting, we will be happy to advise you on existing offers at the university and support you in your search for suitable care.

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Child Care Center and day care

Child Care Centers on campus

There are two Child Care Centers on campus:

  • Kita UNIKATE – The day care centre for children of employees of Saarland University
  • Day Care Centre for Children of Students


The Kita-Planer provides an overview of all daycare centers in the cities and communities of the Regionalverband Saarbrücken.

The planner is the central point of contact for the search, selection and reservation for a childcare place in the Regionalverband Saarbrücken. 

In the daycare guide (PDF) you will find detailed information for new immigrants.

Childcare and Daycare Service Office

The Childcare and Daycare Service Office provides an overview of the childcare services offered by daycare providers and private childcare providers in the Saarbrücken Regional Association.
For more than 10 years, child day care has been a legally recognized family-like form of care and is equal to care in a day care center.
You can use a map view to search for daycare or childcare providers with free capacities.
In principle, it is possible to contact the caregivers directly in most cases.
However, it is advisable to contact the staff of the Childcare & Daycare Service Center to ensure that you are placed with the right person for your needs.


Flexible care services

Online Babysitting Database

The online babysitting database is designed to facilitate quick and uncomplicated contact. Students of Saarland University can supplement their budget by taking on a demanding job. Parents (students and employees of the university) can find reliable and flexible help with childcare.



FlexiMedKids is a short-term care for children of students and employees of Saarland University Hospital and Saarland University.

The short-term care for children between the ages of 12 weeks and 10 years is intended to support parents in better combining family and studies/profession; however, the offer is understood as a qualified care reduced to 20 hours per month and not as a substitute for a daycare center or childminder.
Short-term care comes into play when care is needed at short notice or only by the hour.



Lokales Bündnis UniMedKids
FlexiMedKids Sandra Nowak
Diensthandy 01 60 - 96 95 39 99

Short-term Care

Sometimes no care is offered in the afternoons, care is cancelled at short notice, or parents only need a short period of care to attend individual courses.

Students and employed parents of Saarland University can claim financial support for the care of their child/children within the framework of the Babysitting Database. It is a prerequisite that the reason for care is related to study-related activities (such as attending a lecture, writing a term paper, etc.) and not for private reasons.

Event support

At meetings, conferences and other professional events, we are happy to support faculties and institutes in organizing childcare so that mothers and fathers can also participate and know that their (small) children are in good hands nearby.


Children on Campus


(Kopie 1)

Sometimes the little ones have to come to university with mum or dad. There are therefore various parent-child rooms on the Saarbrücken campus that offer work and play opportunities for young and old.



Mobile Children's room (MoKi)

... transforms your own office into a playroom. MoKi - flexible and mobile children's trolleys with sustainable and diversity-sensitive play and activity materials.




The fold-out KidsBox on wheels is filled with everything you need to look after children of different ages. It is transportable and can be used in your own office or for event supervision.