Short-term Care and Event support

Short-term Care (Kurzzeitbetreuung) for Students and Employees of Saarland University

Sometimes no childcare is offered in the afternoons, childcare is cancelled at short notice or parents only need short childcare to attend individual courses.

Students or employed parents of Saarland University can claim support for the care of their child/children. It is a prerequisite that the reason for childcare is related to study-related activities (such as attending a lecture, writing a term paper, etc.) and not for private reasons.

The Family Office and the AStA support parents by finding babysitters from the university's online babysitting database, help with the organisation of suitable premises if necessary and reimburse the costs for the caregiver.

The parents pay in advance and are obliged to pay the babysitter 12 € per hour. The application for reimbursement is then sent to the family office and the reimbursement is initiated.

    Event support

    At meetings, conferences and other professional events, we are happy to support faculties and institutes in organising childcare so that mothers and fathers can also participate and know that their (young) children are in good hands nearby.

    FlexiMedKids – Short-term Care on the Homburg Campus

    FlexiMedKids is a childcare service aimed at students and employees of the University Clinic in Homburg. It is part of the local childcare alliance UniMedKids.