The Contact Point for Studying with Disability


“Self-determined participation in society and the elimination of barriers to equal opportunities”- BMAS

A university for all - we are here!

Studying at a university involves special requirements for students with disability or chronic illness. Various aspects play a role: the accessibility of buildings and spaces, barrier-free communication, technical assistance, teacher support, compensation for disadvantages in all areas of study (such as exams), services and much more.

If these conditions are not adequately met, it may lead to discouragement and dropout. However, this does not have to be the case. At Saarland University, students and teachers can confidentially reach out to us at the Contact Point for Studying with Disability (KSB). 

We are happy to help you with your questions about studying with disability or mental and chronic illness. Consultations are provided in German and English languages.

The Contact Point for Studying with Disability (KSB) is a part of the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Unit  under the leadership of Estelle Klein. 

We thank Peter Schaar for the short presentation of our unit in German Sign Language. Peter Schaar is a lecturer for German Sign Language at the Language Center of Saarland University.

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