Family-friendly university

Saarland University sees itself as a place of teaching and research, where studying and working with family responsibilities
is supported both structurally and ideally.
As a university for all, the University respects the special challenges of parents or carers, among others, in order to realise and advance the goal of family justice as comprehensively as possible.

(From the University Development Plan 2030:  Universitätsentwicklungsplan 2030)

Services of the Family Office

Online babysitting database

Die  Online Babysitting database is a free service for parents as well as babysitters and babysitters and is intended to enable quick and uncomplicated contact. Students of Saarland University can supplement their budget by taking on a demanding job. Parents (students and employees of Saar University) can find reliable and flexible help with childcare here.


Short-term care

Sometimes no childcare is offered in the afternoons, childcare is cancelled at short notice or parents only need short childcare to attend individual courses.
Students or parents working in teaching at Saarland University can claim support for the care  of their child/children. It is a prerequisite that the reason for childcare is related to study-related activities (such as attending a lecture, writing a term paper, etc.) and not for private reasons.



Mobile children's room (MoKi)

Die MoKis are flexible and mobile, child-friendly wheeled suitcases with diversity-sensitive play materials for different age groups.


Intercultural Family Meet & Eat (IFME)

The Intercultural Family Meet & Eat (IFME) offers staff, students, guests and, of course, their families a space for exchange, socialising and networking.

Just bring snacks and a good mood - childcare will be provided!