Mobile Kids' room (MoKi)

When an office becomes a children's room ....

The Family Office supports parents with Mobile Children's Rooms (MoKi) when childcare sometimes has to take place on campus.


  •     flexible and mobile
  •     for different age groups (0 - 6 years)
  •     diversity-sensitive play materials
  •     each MoKi contains the university colouring book

MoKi Fox (0 - 12 months)

  • Diversity-sensitive and sustainable play material that invites children to grasp, discover and explore.
  • MoKi Fox is a backpack that can also be converted into a trolley, making transport child's play.




MoKi Cheetah (1 - 3 years)

  • New heroes and high up in the sky with building materials and different books that invite children to read (aloud) and marvel at them and are naturally multilingual.
  • MoKi Cheetah and MoKi Tiger are special trolleys that can be used by the children as vehicles as well as being pulled.



MoKi Tiger (3 - 6 Jahre)

  • Creatively explore the world and create new worlds - with building blocks and diversity-sensitive books that also take different languages into account.
  • MoKi Tiger creates enough opportunities to play alone or together with the caregiver (e.g. babysitter).



Borrow MoKi

If you would like to borrow a MoKi or have questions about the compatibility of family and studies/work or the exclusive babysitting database, please contact the Family Office.



0681-302 2911