Diversity Ambassadors Network

Congratulations to our first batch of the Diversity Ambassadors!

1. Thana Chaijeeratikul

2. Priyasha Chatterjee

3. Anita Tobi Kay

4. Joviane Daurimene Mwity

More information is coming soon!

What is Diversity Ambassadors Network

The Diversity Ambassadors Network (DAN) is an opportunity to participate in a change process that could shape the narrative on Diversity, Democracy, Racism and Discrimination at the university as well as in Saarland.  

What does everyday life look like for people with different life models & abilities? What does everyday life look like for people with a different background? What is it like to live in Saarbrücken when you are just learning German? What hurdles are there? What steps can all sides take to reduce discrimination and fight racism? 

The project "Diversity Ambassadors Network" invites students for the first time to join a network at Saarland University to address experiences of racism and discrimination. 

Who are Diversity Ambassadors and what do they do?

Diversity Ambassadors are students at Saarland University who would be trained and who would share concrete examples of barriers, racism, and discrimination faced by minorities with the people of Saarland using a variety of communication methods such as podcasts and video sessions. Diversity Ambassadors will use their expertise and experience to educate and provide personal insight on these topics. 

How to become a Diversity Ambassador?

Interested students should contact us at diversity-ambassadors@uni-saarland.de 

We are looking for students interested in the topic of equality & diversity, someone who has the agency to do their part in making this society a better place for ALL. Both English and German language speakers are invited for this program. 

What would Diversity Ambassadors receive?

They will receive a training and a platform to speak about the issues that matters to them. They will get an opportunity to interact with the larger community and make their voices heard. They will also receive a compensation depending on their qualification and experience. 

Please submit an essay with a maximum of 500 words.
Please use the following prompts:

  • Who am I?
  • What are my social identities?
  • What does diversity means to me?

Diversit Ambassadors Network (DAN) is a project of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management Unit in collaboration with the International Office. 

The International Office of Saarland University will finance the project for the year 2021.

Project coordinators: Dhara Sheth, Lydia Gammelin