All initiatives and programs of the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Management Unit aim to not only support and promote individual researchers at our university, but to also create a more inclusive and sustainable governance culture. 

The framework for the promotion of equality, equity, and diversity is designed and continuously optimised in close cooperation with the university executives, the individual faculties, and all other interest groups.  

By continuously implementing the measures suggested by the Equal Opportunies and Diversity Management Unit on all levels, the university is consistently and continuously realising an increasingly complex diversity policy.

The unit is furthermore working towards a diversity-sensitive information culture and a family-friendly work and study environment. This includes the collection of statistical data, measures to increase awareness, as well as data transfer within the university. 

The Audit Family Office and the Contact Point for Studying with Disability are two sub units of the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Management Unit that provide consultation services to students and employees of Saarland University. 

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