Advice, counselling and services

Personal consultations

The gender equality officer offers advice to university employees, students and members of the LGBTQIA* community, on all relevant study and workplace issues (funding opportunities, balancing work-life commitments, discrimination, etc.). If you would like to discuss matters in a personal consultation, please arrange an appointment by email (gleichstellung(at) or by phone (+49 681 302-4795).

For more information on dealing with sexual discrimination, harassment and assault, please visit our dedicated web page.




Further advisory and support services at Saarland University

Advisory services at Saarland University

Study-related issues:

Admissions Office
Saarbrücken Campus, Building A4 2, Ground floor (EG)
Tel.: +49 681 302-5491

Central Student Advisory Service
Saarbrücken Campus, Building A4 4
Tel.: +49 681 302-3513

General Student Committee (AStA)
Saarbrücken Campus, Building A5 2
Tel.: +49 681 302-2900

Studying with a disability:

Support Service for Students with Disabilities (KSB)
Saarbrücken Campus, Building B6 6, Room 0.02
Tel.: +49 681 302-5025

Balancing work, study and family commitments:

Family Office
Saarbrücken Campus, Building B6 6, Room 0.02
Tel.: +49 681 302-2911

Information and counselling services for challenging life situations

Addiction Counselling and Social Welfare Officer
Bernhard Blank (addiction counselling and social welfare issues)
Saarbrücken Campus, Building B7 3 (ground floor)
Tel.: +49 681 302-2660
Mobile: +49 170 630 60 38

Mental Health Counselling Service (PPB)
Saarbrücken Campus, Building A4 4, (Level 2)
Open office hours (no appointment required):
Wednesday 12 noon – 1 p.m.
Tel.: +49 681 302-2515

Employment-related issues

Academic Staff Council
Ms Hofmann
Saarbrücken Campus, Building B6 5, Rooms 0.23 0.27
Tel.: +49 681 302-2403 

Administrative and Technical Staff Council
Ms Wunn
Saarbrücken Campus, Building B6 1, Level 0 (ground floor)
Tel.: +49 681 302-2688

Support for academic personnel returning to work after maternity leave

The university's career continuity scheme is designed to help women return to academic research work immediately after a period of maternity leave. Women on the scheme receive an employment contract for a maximum of six months that allows them to work 10 hours a week immediately after their period of maternity leave (pay grade E13 as per the TV-L collective agreement (Collective Agreement on Remuneration of Public Sector Employees in the German Länder)). The scheme reduces the risk of women dropping out of academic research by enabling them to maintain contact with their department or institute, stay connected to other members of their team and carry out any management or supervisory tasks or other responsibilities. The career continuity scheme also yields benefits for the relevant department or institute.


Rest facilities for pregnant members of staff at Saarland University

Pregnant employees who need to take a rest break during the working day can make free use of a comfortable lounger provided by the university's Occupational Safety Unit in accordance with Sec. 9(3) of the Federal Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG)

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Breastfeeding rooms, baby changing rooms and quiet rooms
  • Building A1 3 Psychology: Folding changing table in the women's toilet facilities (level 2)
  • Building A3 1 Catholic Students Association: Folding changing table in the disabled toilet
  • Building A4 4 Campus Center: Changing table in the disabled toilet
  • Building B1 1 SULB (Saarland University and State Library): Baby changing room in the disabled toilet (level 0 / ground floor); Quiet/Breastfeeding room and a parent and child study area (level 1)
  • Building C3 1 Gender Equality Office: Baby changing table
  • Building C5 4 Language Centre: Folding changing table in the disabled toilet
  • Building D4 1 Mensa: Changing table in the toilet facilities on level 0 (ground floor)
  • Building E1 1 Computer Science: Room U16 (level -1, basement) (the key is available from the faculty management office (room 210) in building E1 3)
  • Building E2 5 Mathematics: Room E32 Breastfeeding room and quiet room (during the morning, the key is available from Ms Voss (room 111, level 0) and in the afternoon from Ms Günther (room 304, level 2))
Self-defence course for women and children

Advisory and counselling services in Saarbrücken and the surrounding region

Counselling for women affected by rape and sexual abuse

Crisis hotline 'Frauennotruf Saarland'
Support and counselling hotline for women affected by rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence and other forms of harassment:  0681 36767

Family and relationship counselling service (Diakonie)
(Diakonie Deutschland – a charity funded by the Protestant churches in Germany)
Tel.: +49 681 65722, 65743

Social welfare advisory and counselling service (AWO)
(AWO – an unaffiliated non-profit welfare organization)
Tel.: +49 681 58605-54

Family, marital and relationship counselling service (Caritas, Diocese of Trier)
(Deutscher Caritasverband – a charity funded by the Catholic Church in Germany)
Tel.: +49 681 66704

Confidential forensic medical examinations after sexual assault
Emergency medical assistance and confidential forensic examinations in selected clinics and medical practices. For more information and other useful addresses, please visit:
If you have been sexually assaulted, a confidential and safe forensic medical examination can be carried out irrespective of whether you decide to report the assault to the police. The medical examination can provide important forensic evidence should you decide to press charges at a later date.
Tel.: +49 681 844944

Pregnancy options counselling


pro familia 
Tel.: +49 681 96817676

Local Health Authority – Saarbrücken
Tel.: +49 681 5065350


Local Health Authority – Saarpfalz District
Tel.: +49 6841 171411


pro familia
Tel.: +49 6821 27677

Local Health Authority – Neunkirchen
Tel.: +49 6824 9068836


Local Health Authority – Merzig-Wadern District
Tel.: +49 6861 80420

Pregnancy options counselling and family planning services(AWO Merzig)
Tel.: +49 6861 93480


Important telephone helplines that operate 24/7

Police emergency number 
Tel.: 110

Women's refuge in Saarbrücken 
Tel.: +49 681 991800

Women's refuge in Saarlouis 
Tel.: +49 6831 2200

Women's refuge in Neunkirchen 
Tel.: +49 6821 92250