Seminare 2023

Seminar on Frauenchiemsee

From 2 to 4 May 2023, Professor Bungenberg held a seminar with the title “International and European Economic Law and the Rule of Law”. The seminar traditionally took place on Frauenchiemsee, an island in the Chiemsee lake, in southern Bavaria.

The seminar is part of the activities of the Jean Monnet Chair. Professor Bungenberg opened the seminar by giving the students a brief background on personality of Jean Monnet, aims of the Jean Monnet Chairs award and an overview of the work of the Jean Monnet Chair under his direction and the focus of the research at the Chair, which reflects the title of the seminar.

Over the three days, 10 participants presented on topics that are currently widely discussed in international economic law, such as the legal effect and protection against sanctions imposed against Russia, the need for a uniform approach towards the screening of investments in the EU, the regulation of foreign subsidies, protection of human rights through corporate due diligence in global supply chains, protection of foreign investments in armed conflicts, the use of alternative dispute resolution in cultural heritage disputes, possibilities of investment protection in oceans and space, and others. Presentations on such hot topics were followed by lively discussions moderated by Professor Bungenberg. Moreover, students were creative in their presentations, some of which were accompanied by video interviews or short films to delve deeper into the topic.

In addition to the academic part of the seminar, the participants visited a neighboring island Herrenchiemsee, where the Constitutional Convention (Verfassungskonvent) was held in 1948 as part of the process of drafting and adopting the current German constitution (Grundgesetz). On the island, the seminar participants visited a palace with impressive interiors, which is known as “Bavarian Versailles” and was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, modelled on the palace of his idol, the French “Sun King” Louis XIV.

All in all, the seminar was very productive and, in addition to new knowledge, the participants gained new impressions and enjoyed the incredible beauty of Bavarian nature.