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Information for PhD candidates

IMPORTANT: According to the doctoral regulations PhD candidates must be registered at our university.

This means they either have to enroll or to register from the beginning to the end of their PhD-work at the office of student affairs.

Further information is given in the following letter in englisch or german

The Registration/ Enrollment form can be found here.


The PhD theses and other scientific fulltext documents of our faculty are published in Sci Dok, the scientific documents server of Saarland University: link to fulltext documents

Professorship (W2) in Coordination Chemistry

in addition to your e-mail-application please fill in this online-synopsis


detailed information you find here






Absolventenfeier der Fachrichtungen Chemie, Pharmazie, Physik und Systems Engineering der Fakultät NT am 14. Juni 2019 um 16:00 Uhr in der Aula. Das Programm finden Sie hier.