Quality criteria

Quality criteria for publishing in the career portal of the Career Center of Saarland University 

The offers must have a subject-related focus, i.e. either study-relevant content is taught or job-related skills are trained. Job advertisements such as babysitting, promotional or warehouse jobs will not be included here due to the lack of study-specific relevance. Nevertheless, please feel free to contact the Saarland Student Services (Studierendenwerk) with any such job postings. 

The job offers must be verifiably serious and explicitly relevant to students. This is especially true for internships abroad. 

Positions on a fee basis should be transformed into jUNIt advertisements (jUNIt = "junge Unternehmer im Training"; young entrepreneurs in training). 

Please make sure that the company description and contact person are included in the job advertisement. You also determine the advertising period. Extension or adjustment of the position(s) is possible at any time. 

Equal rights for every gender. Please use gender-correct language in your job advertisement(s) to ensure equal participation. 

We do not publish job offers for apprenticeships. However, if a student or young professional is also suitable for this position, this must be stated in the job advertisement. 

Since they should be compatible with studies at the UdS and a place of residence in Saarbrücken or the surrounding area, we do not include student work positions outside the Greater Region (a radius of about 100 km). However, depending on the arrangements (e.g. home office), we are happy to make exceptions if this helps students gain work experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

After graduation, students are qualified to enter the workforce. Therefore, we also exclude offers for internships after graduation.