Quality criteria

Information published on the career portal of Saarland University's Career Center must meet our quality criteria

Job vacancy postings must be relevant to the skills and qualifications of students or graduates. For example, ads for babysitting, street marketing or warehouse jobs will not be posted on the Career Center's career portal, but you may be able to post them on the online notice board hosted by the Studierendenwerk.

Job postings on the career portal must be serious offers that are formulated clearly and are explicitly addressed to students. This applies especially to offers of work placements or internships abroad.

Any offer of project work with fee-based compensation should be reformulated as a  jUNIt project. jUNIt (junge Unternehmer im Training / Young Entrepreneurs in Training) is a scheme that allows students at Saarland University to work on real projects for real companies after officially registering as a self-employed service provider.

Please make sure that your job posting contains a description of your company and specifies a contact person. The closing date for applications is set by you and you can amend it at any time.

Please avoid gender bias when formulating your job ad. Gender neutral job advertisements focus on people not specific genders.

We do not publish openings for apprenticeships or vocational training programmes. However, if a student or recent graduate would also be suitable for this type of position, you must state this explicitly in the job advertisement.

As working students have to be able to continue studying at Saarland University and continue living in Saarbrücken or the surrounding area, we only publish student jobs that are located within the Greater Region, i.e. within a radius of about 100 km from the university. However, we can grant exceptions depending on the type of work involved (e.g. remote working, telecommuting), especially if this would enable students affected by the coronavirus pandemic to gain relevant work experience.

Our graduates have the skills and qualifications to begin a paid professional career, so we don't publish advertisements offering work placements or internships to graduates.