Fünf Papers bei ESSV und drei Papers bei Speech Prosody angenommen

Fünf Papers unserer Fachrichtung wurden bei der ESSV 2022 und 3 weitere bei der Speech Prosody 2022 angenommen. Wir gratulieren allen Autorinnen und Autoren!

ESSV 2022 - 33rd Conference on Electronic Speech Signal Processing, 2-4 March 2022, Sønderborg, Denmark:

  • Bistra Andreeva and Snezhina Dimitrova: Prosodic characteristics of Bulgarian-accented German.
  • Mikey Elmers: Comparing detection methods for pause-internal particles.
  • Jacek Kudera, Philip Georgis, Hasan Md Tusfiqur Alam, Bernd Möbius, Tania Avgustinova, and Dietrich Klakow: Comprehension of closely related languages: A visual world eye tracking study.
  • Thilo Michael and Omnia Ibrahim: Lexical frequency and listener's response to packet loss in telephone conversations.
  • Raphael Werner, Jürgen Trouvain, Beeke Muhlack, and Bernd Möbius: Perceptual categorization of breath noises in speech pauses.

Speech Prosody, 23-26 May 2022, Lisbon, Portugal:

  • Bistra Andreeva and Snezhina Dimitrova: The influence of L1 prosody on Bulgarian-accented German and English.
  • Omnia Ibrahim, Ivan Yuen, Bistra Andreeva, and Bernd Möbius: The effect of predictability on German stop voicing is phonologically selective.
  • Raphael Werner, Jürgen Trouvain, and Bernd Möbius: Optionality and variability of speech pauses in read speech across languages and rates.