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Biography (South African History Online)

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Obituary (New York Times)

Obituary (The Guardian)

Obituary (The Guardian)

André P. Brink dies at 79, Obituary by SABC News. YouTube, 7 Feb. 2015

André P. Brink Memorial by the University of Cape Town South Africa. YouTube, 5 Mar. 2015



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Autobiography/Life Writing

A Fork in the Road (2009)



Philida (2012)

Other Lives (2008)

The Blue Door (2007)

Praying Mantis (2005)

Before I Forget (2004)

The Other Side of Silence (2002)

The Rights of Desire (2000)

Devil’s Valley (1998)

Imaginings of Sand (1996)

On the Contrary (1993)

The First Life of Adamastor (1993)

An Act of Terror (1991)

States of Emergency (1988)

The Wall of the Plague (1984)

A Chain of Voices (1981)

A Dry White Season (1979)

Rumours of Rain (1978)

An Instant in the Wind (1975)

Looking on Darkness (1974)

The Ambassador (1963)


Poetry Collections

A Land Apart: A Contemporary South African Reader (1986)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

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Audio and Audiovisual Material

Andre Brink: The Acclaimed South African Novelist’s Views on Writing, Winning Awards and Women. YouTube, 3 Sep. 2013

André Brink on Writing, Part 3. YouTube, 4 Apr. 2009

André Brink on Writing, Part 2. YouTube, 17 Mar. 2009

André Brink on Writing, Part 1. YouTube, 8 Mar. 2009

Racism in France – André Brink, South African Writer, YouTube, 1984