De Lisser, H. G. (Herbert George)

About H. G. de Lisser

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The Return (1944)

Psyche (1943)

Myrtle and Money (1942)

Haunted (1940)

The White Maroon (1939)

Conquest (1938)

Anacanoa (1937), republished as The Arawak Girl (1958)

Under The Sun: A Story of Jamaica (1936), republished as Under the Sun: A Jamaica Comedy (1937)

Poltergeist (1934)

The Crocodiles (1933)

The Cup and the Lip: A Romance (1932)

Morgan’s Daughter (1931)

The Jamaica Bandits (1930)

The White Witch of Rosehall (1929)

The Sins of the Children (1928)

The Jamaica Nobility (1926)

The Devil’s Mountain (1923)

The Rivals (1921)

Revenge. A Tale of Old Jamaica (1919)

Triumphant Squalitone (1917)

Susan Proudleigh (1915)

Jane: A Story of Jamaica (1912; published in England in 1914 as Jane’s Career)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

Jamaica and the Great War (1917)

Twentieth Century Jamaica (1913)

In Jamaica and Cuba, with Hints to Tourists (1910)



Susan Proudleigh.” Stage adaptation by E. M. Cupidon, 1931, Ward Theatre, Kingston, Jamaica

Jane: A Story of Jamaica.” Stage adaptation by E. M. Cupidon