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Autobiography/Life Writing

My Green Hills of Jamaica (1979)

With Cedric Dover: East Indian, West Indian (1951)

A Long Way from Home (1937)



Romance in Marseille (2020)

Amiable with Big Teeth: A Novel of the Love Affair between the Communists and the Poor Black Sheep of Harlem (2017)

Harlem Glory (1990)

Banana Bottom (1933)

Banjo: A Story Without a Plot (1929)

Home to Harlem (1928)


Short Story Collections

Gingertown (1932)


Poetry Collections

Complete Poems (2004)

Selected Poems of Claude McKay (1953)

Harlem Shadows (1922)

Spring in New Hampshire and Other Poems (1920)

Constab Ballads (1912)

Songs of Jamaica (1912)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

Trial by Lynching: Stories about Negro Life in North America (1977)

Harlem, Negro Metropolis (1940)