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Biography (Poetry International Archives)

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Poetry Collections

Liviticus (2017)

Ellegguas (2010)

Slow Horses (2005)

Ancestor (2001)

Trench Town Rock (1994)

DreamStories (1994)

Middle Passages (1992)

Black + Blues (1976)

The Arrivants: The New World Trilogy (1973)

Islands (1969)

Masks (1968)

Rights of Passage (1967)



Odale's Choice (1967)

Four Plays for Primary Schools (1964)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

"Darwin Drew Dramstorie." Caribbean Writer, vol. 29, 2015

"The Slave Ship Beloved." Hambone, no. 20, 2012

"Bella Donna." Small Axe, vol. 15, no. 2, 2011

"diVination." Hambone, no. 19, 2009

"I Am Encentering the Amen New." The Nation, vol. 288, no. 23, 15 Jun. 2009

"My Funny Valentine." Whispers from the Cotton Tree Root: Caribbean Fabulist Fiction, Hopkinson (ed.), 2000

Jah Music (1986)

Roots: Essay (1986)

History of the Voice: The Development of Nation Language in Anglophone Caribbean Poetry (1986)

The Colonial Encounter (1984)

Gods of the Middle Passage (1982)

Barbados Poetry: A Checklist: Slavery to the Present (1979)

"Our Ancestral Heritage". A Bibliography of the Roots of Culture in the English-speaking Caribbean, 1976


Audio and Audiovisual Material

Brathwaite Reads "Calypso". YouTube, 5 Sep. 2011

Poet Kamau Brathwaite Reads from Born to Slow HorsesYouTube, 10 Nov. 2006

Barbadian Poet Brathwaite Talks about his Poetry. YouTube, 6. Dec. 1996