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The Wizard Swami (1989)

Dark Swirl (1989)


Childrend's and Adult's Book

Sometimes Hard (1994)


Short Story Collections

God's Spider (2014)

My Multi-Ethnic Friends & Other Stories (2013)

Play a Song Somebody (2004)

North of the Equator (2001)

My Brahmin Days (2000)

Black Jesus (1996)

Berbice Crossing (1996)

Jogging in Havana (1992)


Poetry Collections

Imaginary Origins: Selected Poems (2004)

Hemisphere of Love (2003)

Discussing Columbus (1997)

Another Way to Dance (1996)

Stoning the Wind (1994)

Coastland: Selected Poems (1989)

Elephants Make Good Stepladders (1982)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

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