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Autobiography/Life Writing

What Becomes of the Brokenhearted: A Memoir (2003)



With R. M. Johnson: No One in the World (2012)

In My Father’s House (2010)

Mama Dearest (2009)

Basketball Jones (2009)

Just too Good to Be True (2008)

I Say a Little Prayer (2006)

A Love of My Own (2002)

Any Way the Wind Blows (2001)

Not a Day Goes By (2000)

Abide with Me (1999)

If this World Were Mine (1997)

And this too Shall Pass (1997)

Just as I Am (1994)

Invisible Life (1991)



As editor: Freedom in this Village: Twenty-Five Years of Black Gay Men's Writing, 1979 to the Present, 2005

"Money Can't Buy Me Love." Got to Be Real – 4 Original Love Stories by Eric Jerome Dickey, Marcus Major, E. Lynn Harris and Colin Channer, 2001

Wilson-Tagoe, Nana. "African Continuities and Caribbean Definitions in Caribbean Literature: The Literary Explorations of Harris, Lamming and Brathwaite." The Growth of African Literature: Twenty-Five Years after Dakar and Fourah Bay, Makward et al. (eds.), 1998


Audio and Audiovisual Material

E. Lynn Harris Talks about his Book Just too Good to Be True. YouTube, 7 May 2014

Short Documentary with Interview Segments. YouTube, 27 Jul. 2009

Tribute and Interview with E. Lynn Harris. YouTube, 25 Jul. 2009