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Rainbow Journey (1996)

Scattered Survival (1988)

Third Generation (1986)

A Ride on the Whirlwind (1981)

The Root is One (1979)


Poetry Collections

From Goré to Soweto (1988)

Selected Poems (1984)

Children of the Earth (1983)

The Soweto I Love (1977)

The Blues Is You in Me (1976)

Hurry Up to It! (1975)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

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“The Urban Cultural Scene - Theatre: Extracts from a Winter School Talk.” S’ketsh’, 1979

“The Black Writer in South Africa Today: Problems and Dilemmas.” The New Classic, vol. 3, 1976

“Interview: Cornie Mabaso.” S’ketsh’, 1975


Audio and Audiovisual Material

Sipho Sepamla Reads His Poems For PEN America. Soundcloud, 20 Apr. 1984