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Poetry Collections

Walking, Falling (2017)

Absent Tongues (2012)

Land Dreaming (2006)

Mirror and Water Gazing (2001)

Love That is Night (1998)

Projections in the Past Tense (1992)

The Blood of our Silence (1988)



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Audio and Audiovisual Material

Kelwyn Sole Reads Three New Poems for the Bridgewater International Poetry Festival. YouTube, 20 May 2020

Kelwyn Sole at Poetry Africa 2017. YouTube, 2 Feb. 2018

Kelwyn Sole Reads His Poem "Seafront". The Poetry Archive, 2015

Kelwyn Sole Reads His Poem "I Want What Comes After". The Poetry Archive, 2012

Kelwyn Sole Reads His Poem "The Burning". The Poetry Archive, 1998

Kelwyn Sole Reads His Poem "Housing Targets". The Poetry Archive, 1998

Performance of Kelwyn Sole’s Poem "Dancing" in Voices of Africa Episode 5 – Woman, Womb, World. YouTube, 10 Apr. 2015