Introduction to International Security Policy

War and peace, climate change and resource conflicts, rebels and weapons, gender and pop culture. These are topics of international security policy that we are confronted with every day in newspapers, on the news and on social media platforms. But what exactly does science understand by international security policy? And aren't we actually facing a new age of international conflict? After all, what would you consider a greater security risk, terrorism or global warming? In this seminar by Djamila Jabra, M.A., precisely these questions will be critically examined and discussed, and reference will be made to current events in order to view and understand conflicts from a new perspective.

The aims of the course are to provide students with a systematic introduction and a central introduction to international security policy and at the same time to explore and discuss together the thematic range of possible subject areas. In addition to classics of the discipline, the policy field Actors and Forms of International Conflict will be considered in particular and will provide a basis for reflection and application of the previously acquired competences. Basic academic skills (especially the compilation and discussion of texts, but also basic methodological knowledge) are to be further developed and expanded together in a friendly seminar environment.

Teaching language: German