Party competition on gender-related issues in Europe: mainstream parties, extreme populist parties and the representation of the population

In this tutorial by Prof. Dr. Daniela Braun you will get an insight into the current HorizonEurope funded international research project UNTWIST. The aim of UNTWIST is to empirically investigate whether extreme populist parties use and fill a gap in the political spectrum that has emerged in the recent past: Do these parties actually have the potential to represent the population that has been let down by current mainstream feminist discourses? Or have mainstream parties not yet found a suitable strategy for responding to gender-related conflicts? Against the background of these questions, new political strategies will be developed and implemented in order to counteract the anti-equality policies of parties on the extreme (and especially right-wing) fringe. Students will gain an insight into the topic area on the basis of existing social science literature as well as on the basis of current empirical results.

Teaching language: German