Political legitimacy in Europe in times of increasing polarisation

In this tutorial by Prof. Dr. Daniela Braun, you will gain insight into the current international research project ActEU funded by HorizonEurope. The aim of ActEU is to empirically investigate the following questions: How can we conceptualise and empirically measure political trust and legitimacy beyond the usual survey question "How much trust do you have in Parliament?"? Does the multi-level character of European representative democracies require an identical level of citizen support at regional, national and EU level? To what extent does social polarisation on key political issues of our time - immigration, climate change and gender inequality - challenge political trust in and legitimacy of democratic political systems? And what can policy makers and civil society do to address these challenges? Students will gain an insight into the topic on the basis of existing social science literature as well as on the basis of current empirical results.

Teaching language: German