Information for applicants with foreign study qualifications


Admission to doctoral studies requires inclusion in the faculty's doctoral list.

You have obtained your Master's degree abroad. This degree must first be checked for equivalence with a German university degree. For this purpose, please contact the doctoral office first. We will try to check your degree. If this is not possible, you will need a statement from the Central Office for Foreign Education in Bonn about the degrees you have obtained.

How does it work?

  1. You need a supervisor (Doktorvater/mutter - according to section 4, para. 2 no. 3 of the doctorate regulations. Together with your supervisor, you first send us your certificates and transcripts for checking.
  2. If we were unable to assist you in verifying your degree, your future supervisor will send the transcripts and certificates of your academic grades (with transcript of records or detailed listing of subjects) to the Central Office for Foreign Education and ask them to verify whether you meet the admission requirements for a doctoral degree in the appropriate field. The adress is:

             Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen,  Postfach 2240, 53012 Bonn

optionally you can send an E-Mail with your scanned documents to:


You can find a sample request  as a template here.


Final Submission of the application to the doctoral office

You submit your application for inclusion in the doctoral list to us when the above points have been processed.
Please attach all documents and proofs listed in our CHECK LIST  to this application.

If all of your documents are present, the doctorate committee will then decide if you are to be entered into the doctorate list. 

In any case, the provisions of the Doctoral Regulations of the Faculty of Science and Technology dated April 14, 2021 and the decisions of the Doctoral Committee are definitive.