Saarland University's foundation programmes 'VSI Humanities' offers a route into higher education for those international students whose school-leaving qualifications do not meet the requirements for direct entry to an undergraduate degree.

After the initial preparatory stage in which students focus on language courses and introductory aspects of the humanities, they progress to the higher education access phase of the VSI programme in which they begin studying one of the non-restricted-entry Bachelor's programmes offered at the Faculty of Humanities. After successfully completing the access phase, students can continue studying in their selected programme. Please note that students on a VSI international foundation programme only have access to a limited number of Bachelor's degree programmes. It is not possible to switch to an alternative degree programme even after successfully completing the VSI foundation programme.

Programme requirements and the application process

The higher education access phase

After the initial preparatory stage, students progress to the access phase of the VSI programme, which lasts no more than four semesters. During the access phase, students are required to meet the requirements set out in the study regulations and study plan of their chosen undergraduate degree programme and to complete the VSI-specific module 'Organizing your Studies for Success' and the student-tutor feedback sessions.

To successfully complete the access phase of the VSI foundation programme, students must earn 40 ECTS credits in accordance with the study regulations for their selected degree programme. They have a maximum of four semesters in which to achieve this target. Students who meet this target will be deemed to have met the subject-specific entrance qualification for undergraduate study at Saarland University and may continue studying in the selected Bachelor's programme.


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