"Europa(-Welten) im Umbruch – Grenz(ziehung)en im Wandel" (5.–7.10.2022)

Joint conference of the Deutsche Akademie für Landeskunde (DAL), the Arbeitsgruppe Europastudien (Jun.-Prof. Dr. Florian Weber) and the Cluster for European Research (CEUS) from 5 to 7 October 2022 in Saarbrücken. Interested parties can apply with a presentation topic via an online registration form until 30 April 2022.

For the research-related debate, there are several topics to be discussed:

  • On a theoretical-conceptual level, it is a question of defining the position of European Studies within Area Studies and the "location" of geographical-space-related approaches. In addition, there are questions of disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches and current impulses.
  • In a somewhat more "application-oriented" orientation, attention will be paid to the development of "Europe", the transforming relations of Europe "to the world" and today's European Union, including the discussion processes around the 'Europe of the regions' and regionalisation processes.
  • In addition - and closely connected to this - attention will be paid to a variety of border(s): since the 1990s, border studies with a constructivist orientation have increasingly given rise to research orientations on "borders" beyond a simple territorial focus, which can be made highly fruitful for "Europe-related" questions. 

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