Kooperationsplattform Europa

Border spaces and intercultural communication - these are the thematic focal points of the "Kooperationsplattform Europa", which Saarland University and the Saarland University of Applied Sciences (htw saar) have jointly established this year. The first three interdisciplinary Europe projects involving the social sciences and humanities of both universities will now start in January 2022.

The establishment of a cooperative doctoral position on the topic of "Transformation in the Greater Region" is intended to further strengthen the cooperation between the two universities (involved: Prof. Dr. Peter Dörrenbächer, Saarland University; Prof. Stefan Ochs, htw saar).

The project "Interkulturelle Kommunikation in Grenzräumen" aims to develop potential for sustainable cooperation(s) between the two universities in the field of intercultural communication. Intercultural communication is a key competence that prepares graduates for the international labour market. Among other things, the joint organisation of lecture series is planned (involved: Prof. Dr. Astrid Fellner, Saarland University; Prof. Dr. Stefanie Jensen, htw saar).

The research project of Prof. Dr. Jochen Kubiniok (Saarland University) and Prof. Dr. Alpaslan Yörük (htw saar) deals with the topic "Grenzüberschreitendes Hochwasserrisikomanagement im Saar-Lor-Lux-Raum im Kontext des Klimawandels". The aim is to analyse differences in flood risk management in the Saar-Moselle catchment area and thus create a basis for improving and harmonising flood warning systems.

The funded projects will enable cooperation in various social science and humanities subjects at both universities and further strengthen the European profile of Saarland as a place to study. The Kooperationsplattform Europa is funded by the Staatskanzlei with start-up funding of 100,000 euros. It is coordinated by the Cluster for European Research (CEUS). The platform complements the already established platforms between the htw saar and Saarland University in the fields of health, economics and engineering.

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