Exzellenzlabor Europa

The "Exzellenzlabor Europa" (European Laboratory of Excellence) was launched in 2021 by Saarland University and Villa Vigoni e. V. – German-Italian Centre for European Dialogue. It is coordinated by Saarland University's Cluster for European Research (CEUS). The aim of this long-term cooperation is to organize joint events that promote academic discussions on Europe with special foci on Europe’s relations with the world and the question of how 'concepts' of Europe are projected, transformed and reflected. In particular, the cooperation is intended to support early career researchers.

The cooperation was inaugurated on 11 September 2021 with a ceremonial act at Villa Vigoni.

Exzellenzlabor Europa 2023

The European Public Prosecutor's Office as Motor for Transformation in the European ‘Area of Freedom, Security and Justice’

October 16–19, 2023 | Villa Vigoni

The 3rd Exzellenzlabor Europa will analyse the role of the newly established European Public Prosecutor‘s Office (EPPO) in the European ‘Area of Freedom, Security and Justice’ (Article 3(2) Treaty on European Union [TEU]) and discuss its future with focus on the following questions: Is the EPPO a guardian of common European values, in particular the rule of law, and thus a cornerstone of European integration? What influence does the EPPO and its further development have on the future of the ‘Area of Freedom, Security and Justice’? Do the EPPO and the supranationalisation forced by its establishment contribute to a new self-image, but also to a new external perception of the EU?

Organziation: Prof. Dr. Dominik Brodowski (Saarland Universtiy), Dr. Sebastian Trautmann (EPPO, Cologne), Dott. Stefano Castellani (EPPO, Torino)



Monday, 16 October 2023

Reception with aperitivo, welcoming words and introductory lecture: “The EPPO – two years in action”
Andrés Ritter

Tuesday, 17 October 2023

Projections: Expectations – status quo and potential
Moderation: Luca Pressacco

Competences of the EPPO: what can, what should the EPPO do?
Anneke Petzsche & Tudor Radian

The construction of the EPPO: slowing down its potential?
Christoph Burchard & Katarína Peružeková

Reflections: The EPPO and European integration
Moderation: Hans-Holger Herrnfeld

The EPPO as a 'guardian of the rule of law' and European values?
Giulia Lasagni & Sani Ljubicic

A new model of transnational investigations – endangering rights of the accused?
Liane Wörner & Stefano Castellani

Wednesday, 18 October 2023

Transformations: The EPPO and the Future of European Criminal Justice
Moderation: Garonne Bezjak

EPPO‘s transformative power on criminal justice in the Member States
Gabriella Di Paolo & Petra Vitkova                  

EPPO‘s role in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
Michele Caianiello & Sebastian Trautmann

World Café – Research Projects on the EPPO
Moderation: Dominik Brodowski

Maria Gahn
Jennifer Nowak
Maria Paus
Victoria Voelker

Closing round: The EPPO and the paradigm ‘united in diversity’ in European Criminal Justice
Moderation: Serena Quattrocolo

Vergangene Exzellenzlabore

1. Exzellenzlabor Europa

Das 1. Exzellenzlabor Europa fand vom 9. bis 13. September 2021 als inter­nationale Sommer­akademie für Nachwuchs­wissen­schaftler*innen in den Geistes- und Sozial­wissen­schaften in der Villa Vigoni statt. Sie stand unter dem Titel „Restitution, Reparationen, Reparation – Wege zu einer neuen Welt­gesell­schaft?“.

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2. Exzellenzlabor Europa

Das 2. Exzellenzlabor Europa fand vom 1. bis 4. September 2022 als internationale Tagung in der Villa Vigoni statt und stand unter dem Titel "Theater und pluralistische Gesellschaften: Potenziale der 'Kopräsenz'“.

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