Current Challenges in European and International Economic Law: International Dispute Settlement and the Rule of Law

In the summer term 2022, Prof. Bungenberg will hold a seminar with the title “Current Challenges in European and International Economic Law: International Dispute Settlement and the Rule of Law”. Seminar topics can be reserved from the 17 to the 21 January 2022 (until 9 am) via email to Bianca Böhme (boehme(at)

If you are interested in participating in this seminar, please indicate your first, second and third preference for the topics indicated in the list below. The maximum amount of participants allowed in the seminar is 15. For the selection of participants, students from Module 3 and 4 will be preferred. An online-participation in the seminar is not possible.

Prof. Bungenberg will hold an introductory session on the 7 February 2022 in Room 117 (Second floor of the Europa-Institut). In that session, Prof. Bungenberg will introduce the topic, confirm the allocation of topics and provide further information on the course of the seminar.

The seminar paper must comply with all the formalities provided by the head of the LL.M. programme. The date for the submission of the seminar paper is the 22 April 2022 at 9 am. The seminar itself is expected to take place from the 1 to 5 May 2022 on the Fraueninsel at Chiemsee (in Bavaria, Germany). The main parts of the costs (train tickets, accomodation and full-board) will be borne by the chair of Prof. Dr. Marc Bungenberg. The students are expected to contribute between 50–100 € max.

All further information will be provided in the introductory session and via email once you are inscribed as a participant in the seminar.

We are looking forward to your participation!


List of topics

1) Effects of corruption on international investment arbitration

2) “Double hatting” in investor-state dispute settlement

3) Code of conduct for adjudicators in international investment arbitration

4) Consistency and predictability in investment arbitration through an appellate body?

5) International investment arbitration and democratic legitimacy

6) Access to international investment arbitration for small and medium enterprises

7) Enhancing corporate social responsibility through investment agreements

8) Forum shopping in international investment arbitration

9) Legal costs funding and access to investment arbitration

10) The reform of investment treaties. Does more precision lead to more predictability?

11) Frivolous claims in investment arbitration

12) External autonomy of EU law and international dispute settlement

13) The digital age – Effects on international arbitration

14) States’ control over the interpretation of investment treaties

15) COVID 19 and its impact on investment law and arbitration

16) Existing investment protection standards under EU law

17) International/EU sanctions and investment law

18) Investment arbitration and climate change

19) Consolidation of parallel proceedings in international investment arbitration