Past lectures

"Applied Quantum Information Science: Quantum algorithms and error correction" (SoSe 2023)

This lecture introduces students to quantum computing algorithms with a focus on those that can be implemented on current quantum hardware. The lecture also covers quantum error mitigation and quantum error correction. Students acquire a practical knowledge of quantum computer programming using Qiskit.

Brief Syllabus

  • Introduction to quantum information with focus on description of noisy quantum hardware
    • Density operator, quantum entanglement, Schmidt decomposition, purification, distance measures
    • Quantum channels, gate fidelity
  • Quantum noise tomography: state tomography and gate tomography
  • Algorithms for optimization and Hamiltonian simulation (Trotterization)
  • NISQ quantum algorithms: hybrid quantum-classical algorithms, variational quantum algorithms
  • Quantum error mitigation
  • Quantum error correction: general conditions for QEC, Shor code, CSS codes, stabilizer formalism, fault-tolerancy
  • Practical implementation of quantum computing algorithms, tomography, error mitigation and correction using open source software packages and toolkits

Lecture Notes

Script (in progress) prepared by N. Jung

Problem Sets