1st Saarbrücker Europa-Konferenz

Europa, quo vadis? Was macht einen Europäer aus?

(Europe, quo vadis? What defines a European?)

Thursday, November 10 & Friday, November 11 2016
Saarland University

With Constança Urbano de Sousa (Portuguese Minister of the Interior), Klaus Bouillon (Saarland Minister for Internal Affairs), Catherine Robinet (French Consul General in Saarland), Prof. Dr. Georg Ress (Judge at the European Court of Human Rights a. D.), Prof. Dr. Paulo Mota Pinto (Universität Coimbra, former constitutional judge) and Prof. Dr. Rainer Hudemann (Saarland University/Université Paris-Sorbonne).

  • Part I: "Was macht einen Europäer aus?" ("What defines a European?")
  • Part II: "Europas Grenzen. Europa ohne Grenzen" ("Europe's borders. Europe without borders?")

The event was a cooperation with the European Visiting Professorship. The conference was sponsored by the Staatskanzlei des Saarlandes and the Universitätsgesellschaft of Saarland University.


Akten der 1. Saarbrücker Europa-Konferenz

Akten der 1. Saarbrücker Europa-Konferenz (Publication)

Tiziana Chiusi / Anne Rennig (Hg.) (2018): Europa quo vadis? Was macht einen Europäer aus? Akten der 1. Saarbrücker Europa-Konferenz 2016. Saarbrücken: Alma Mater.

The volume also marks the start of the CEUS publication series “Collegium Europaeum Universitatis Saraviensis. Saarbrücker Beiträge zur Europaforschung”.





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