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As part of the Transform4Europe university network we focus on the qualification of young Europeans for transformation processes in Europe.

Here you find information for incoming students about the Transform4Europe tracks and the classes offered at Saarland University, the semester dates, registration requirements and contact persons. Please use the contact form for your questions.

Classes for Transform4Europe Tracks at Saarland University - Summer Term 2022

Saarland University offers the following classes for incoming students from Transform4Europe partner universities (summer term 2022: start 11 April 2022).

For registration please use the contact form.

European Integration

Description:  We will briefly summarise the existence and development of this term before diving into the work of the EU institutions. What do they do? Who pulls the strings? How powerful are the Member States? Is it all politics or more of an administrative character? How are EU acts adopted - and what effects do these acts have? How does the Court of Justice work?

Modus: Hybrid (Face-to-face teaching, online participation possible)
Credits: 3 ECTS
Language: english
Teacher: Sebastian Zeitzmann/Dr. Christina Backes
Date: Friday, 12 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Start: 15 April 2022
Module: Core Module "European History, Culture, Politics, Law and Economics"

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Knowledge Entrepreneurship

Description: Knowledge Entrepreneurship combines entrepreneural knowledge with knowledge about change management and transformation processes.

Modus: Virtual class/Online Module
Credits: 3 ECTS
Language: english
Teacher: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Benedikt Schnellbächer
Module: Core Module "Knowledge Entrepreneurship"

Knowledge Entrepreneurship


Description: Moral concerns about technology are becoming more and more prevalent – be it in research, in business, or in industry. Computer Ethics introduces you to basic techniques for recognizing the most pressing moral questions, and for devising ways to arrive at a justified moral judgment. For that, you will be made familiar with moral theories from philosophy, as well as different Codes of Ethics for computer scientists. Since one can quickly get lost when talking about ethics and morals, it is especially important to talk and argue clearly and precisely. To prepare you for that, Computer Ethics shows you formal and informal ways of argumentation that go beyond the level of everyday discussions at bars and parties. In this course, you will take morally controversial topics from computer science into focus and will be introduced to the most important tools for coming to a justified stance on them.

Modus: Virtual class optional face-to-face elements
Credits: 3 ECTS
Teacher: Kevin Baum/Sarah Sterz
Language: english
Module: Digital Transformation
Registration: Open until 17 April 2022
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Basics of Management of Digital Transformation

Description: Digitalization and the associated technological breakthroughs offer enormous challenges and opportunities. Against this background, companies are faced with the question: How can competitive advantages be achieved and maintained in the "age of digital transformation"? The theory-based and action-oriented course gives students an insight into digital core technologies that drive the digital transformation of society and equips them with digital decision-making strategies and frameworks.

Modus: Virtual class
Credits: 6 ECTS
Lamguage: English
Teacher: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Benedikt Schnellbächer
Module: Digital Transformation

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Common Course Catalogue Transform4Europe

You can also choose classes from the common course catalogue of all seven partner universities. Most classes are offered on a virtual basis and are thaught in english language to make it easy for students from all over Europe to join!

Please note the registration requirements of each partner university.

Transform4Europe Common Course Catalogue


Registration Transform4Europe Incoming Students at Saarland University

Registration and Enrolment at Saarland University for incoming students from Transform4Europe partner universities:

  1. Choose the class you would like to attend.
  2. Check the starting and registration dates of the class.
  3. Check with your coordinator of your home university if the class fits into your schedule.
  4. Fill in the contact form.
  5. The International Office of Saarland University will get in contact with you and send you an enrolment form.
  6. Fill in the form and send it back to the International Office of Saarland University.
  7. You will receive your student registration via Mail.
  8. Register for the class.


Contact Form Transform4Europe Tracks Saarland University

Please contact us with your questions and for registration via contact form.

Please note: Enrolment for "Summer Course French4Europe" is closed!

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Semester Dates Saarland University

Registration Summer Term: 8 - 29 March 2022
Start Classes Summer Term: 11 April 2022
End of Classes Summer Term: 22 July 2022

Registration Winter Term: 3 August  - 30 September 2022
Start Classes Winter Term: 24 October 2022
End of Classes Winter Term: 23 February 2023