How can I support and manage students and staff with disabilities?

When advertising a position in your group, it is essential that you comply with the relevant statutory requirements. The text in a job advertisement must include a section stating that preferential consideration will be given to disabled candidates of equal eligibility. The Disability Advisory Service must be contacted and involved in the recruitment process if any of the applicants for the position has a disability. The Disability Advisory Service will support you during this process and provide you with all the relevant information. The Human Resources Division will also help you to comply with the proper procedures. For more details, please refer to our  recruitment information website.

If a member of your staff has a disability, there are numerous ways in which support services can be accessed. You should start by contacting the  Disability Advisory Serviceas the staff there are best placed to provide you with the information you need, they can put you in touch with other relevant contacts and can initiate and facilitate appropriate administrative procedures. The Disability Advisory Service is, of course, also the place to contact if you yourself have a disability. For example, support can be provided if you have questions about how to design the workplace for accessibility and inclusion. Central funds are available if there is a need to finance special furniture or other workplace aids. Advice and guidance are provided by a number of different units at the university. For example, the team at the Occupational Safety Unit offer advice on furnishing and equipping the workplace, the Central Procurement Division (ZB) can assist with procuring the right items of furniture and the Accounting and Finance Division (HF) can help answer questions on financing

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