I would like to learn more about a certain subject, acquire skills in a certain area or undertake a training course. What’s on offer at Saarland University?

Saarland University offers a wide range of continuing education and coaching options to its research and teaching personnel at all stages of their careers and to administrative and technical staff across the university. For advanced (post-doctoral) researchers, continuing education and career development training is offered through the central PROWISplatform. The following university units, institutions and service points offer their own range of staff development programmes.


Continuing professional development programmes for core research competencies

Core research competencies are those essential skills that enable researchers to optimize their performance in academic, scientific or science-related activities. Programmes teaching a variety of core research competencies are provided by the Centre for lifelong learning (ZelL), vom Gender Equality Office and Graduate support and networking programme GradUS.

The Personnel Developtment Team  runs courses on the topic ‘The university as a workplace.

The Patent Marketing Agency (PVA) runs courses and offers practical advice on patent-related topics.

The Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office (KWT) and the Business and Industry Liaison Office (KoWA) promote cooperation and collaboration with industrial and commercial companies and offer information and guidance on starting a business.

The Centre for lifelong learning (ZelL) runs IT and IT-related courses covering tools and techniques that can be used in scientific research and academic work.

Developing and improving your academic teaching skills

Member of the teaching staff at Saarland University can learn about Higher Education teaching methodologies and can develop and improve their skills as university teachers and examiners in an extensive continuing education programme. Those who complete the comprehensive curriculum will receive a certificate of competence in the university teaching methodologies and didactics ( Hochschuldidaktik Zertifikat).

University teachers can also take individual modules in university teaching and didactics and will receive a certificate of attendance. Doctoral students can attend events organized by the doctoral studies quality circle at Saarland University’s support centre for doctoral researcher GradUS. Further information can be found on our information page for doctoral researchers.

Acquiring key competencies

Key competencies are those multidisciplinary and transferable skills that have been shown to be valuable for a successful professional career. Academic staff can take courses on career development, communication, human resource management, project management, knowledge transfer, change management, personality development and social interactions in the workplace, which are offered by the Centre for lifelong learning and the support centre for doctoral researchers GradUS.

Additional courses and support programmes are offered by the Gender Equality Office, or the Personnel Development Team .

Continuing education and training opportunities for female academic staff

The work of the Gender Equality Officer and her team is to provide support to all women at Saarland University (students, administrative and technical staff, academic staff), to promote gender equity and to advance equality of opportunity for all who work and study at Saarland University. The Gender Equality Office advises on a wide range of issues, including career advancement, work-life balance and gender equality in collaborative research projects, and also provides support to female members of the university experiencing gender-based discrimination or inequality.

The Gender Equality Office coordinates and manages a number of special programmes for women such as the ‘Excellence Programme for Women in Academia’, the support programme for female junior professors, ‘Young Female Scientists Go Future’, coaching programmes and the ‘Continuity Programme for Women in Academia’ that helps female researchers and scholars successfully return to their academic careers after maternity leave.

Promoting internationalization

As part of its staff development initiatives, Saarland University encourages its staff to improve and enhance their international skills and intercultural awareness. The International Office (Saarbrücken Campus, Building A4 4) can offer advice and assistance to those planning or preparing a work- or study-related stay abroad. The team at the International Office can also provide information on mobility funding and on international partnerships and exchange programmes.

The EU’s Erasmus+ programme offers funding opportunities for university employees who wish to undertake a training or study period at an education institution or relevant organization within the EU or at an Erasmus partner university outside the EU.

Administrative staff at Saarland University can develop their international skills by participating in european „Staff Week“ or by joining one of the many language courses offered at the university.

The Erasmus+ programm also funds teaching staff interested in spending time teaching at a higher education institution abroad. Additional funding opportunities can be found in the DAAD sholarship database.


Academic staff at Saarland University who wish to improve their proficiency in a foreign language or who want to develop their international/intercultural competence can choose from the numerous courses offered by the Language Centre (SZSB), and the Personnel Development Team.

Every semester, the Saarland University Language Centre (SZSB) offers language learning courses covering a wide range of languages and proficiency levels. To register for a course, you will need a user number, which you can obtain either by using the online registration form or in person from the Language Centre’s media lab.

The Personnel Development Team  organizes regular English and French language courses, specifically for university staff. As part of the Trilingual Campus project English and French language courses taught at htw saar - the University of Applied Sciences in Saarbrücken – are also being offered to Saarland University staff, while English and French courses taught at Saarland University are open to staff from htw saar..

The ISZ (International Study Centre) Saar runs regular German language courses for doctoral research students and these courses are also included in the GradUS- programme. The Welcome Center also provides information on German language courses.

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