Research, research funding and technology transfer: Where can I get information, advice and support?

The Research Management and Technology Transfer Division (FT) is the central service unit for any questions you may have about securing external research funding. The staff at the Research Management and Technology Transfer Division provide a full-service support package, ranging from the initial idea and submission of a project funding proposal (funding advice) to project execution and project completion (contract review and grant management) and potential technology transfer. Follow this link for a list of contacts.


I would like to submit a proposal to fund a research project. I have questions about an ongoing project or want to transfer a project to Saarland University. Is there someone who can provide assistance and guide me through the process?

The funding support team can help you with the formal process of preparing and submitting a proposal for external project funding. Areas covered include: administrative support, proof reading and editing, costing your project, project budget assessment and general questions about research funding. The staff at the Funding Support Team will also help you with any questions about transferring a project to Saarland University. To find the right person to contact, please click  here.

The members of the External funding - Financial Services Team provide support during a research project whenever you have to deal with funder-specific administrative and financial management issues. To find the right person to contact for your project, please click here.

Our lawyers offer advice on legal aspects of your externally funded research project and they also provide contract review services. To find the right person to contact, please click  here.

Where can I get help if I want to submit a project proposal to an international / EU funding programme?

The International Office offers advice on the international mobility schemes managed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Franco-German University (DFH).

If you are considering submitting a project proposal to Horizon Europe, Interreg, Erasmus+ or to an international funding body, the  Funding support team at the Research Management and Technology Transfer Division (Dezernat FT) can provide assistance.

What funding opportunities, funding bodies and donors are there in my subject area? Who can I contact for advice?

The Research Management and Technology Transfer Division publishes the latest calls for tenders from funding bodies on its funding and tenders portal.

If you have questions regarding a particular invitation to tender or if you just need some general advice on which research funding bodies award grants in your area or which are best placed to support your research ideas, please get in touch with the Funding support team.

„fund@lunch“ is a series of lunchtime information events that regularly showcase funding programmes, internal administrative procedures and other aspects of external research funding.

I have an invention that I would like to protect / I have research results that I think are potentially commercializable. Who should I contact?

The Patent Marketing Agency (PVA) for the higher education institutions in Saarland is a service unit within Saarland University’s own knowledge and technology transfer company WuT that protects and manages IP rights and that markets commercially relevant research results on behalf of Saarland University.
The experienced team of  advisers at PVA can be contacted for assistance and can also provide information about funding programmes to validate your research results.

I would like to collaborate with a company in the local region and need help setting up the initial contact.

The business cooperation staff within the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Team (KWT) have excellent ties to all of the relevant regional companies and can put you in touch with appropriate company contacts. To find a member of staff who can help you with your specific question or issue, please click here.


I would like to learn more about starting my own company at some point in the future. Where can I found out more?

The university’s Start-up centre offers academics and research scientists with an entrepreneurial spirit, an on-campus workspace and optimal infrastructure in which to realize their business ideas.

The three start-up centres on the Saarbrücken and Homburg campuses offer young entrepreneurs office and lab space at very affordable rates.
The Knowledge and Technology Transfer Team also give advice and guidance on all aspects of starting your own business, such as developing a business model, funding options, and helping you to find the right investor.

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or requests, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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