What can I use the UdS Card for? Who should I contact if there are problems?

The UdS Card is a multifunction chip card that is issued to all members of Saarland University. It serves as your staff ID card and can be used to access a wide range of services. The main service point for card-related issues is the  card issuing office This is where cards are issued and renewed and where most of the card-based services can be activated. The staff at the office will also assist you if you are having problems with your card. The Card Issuing Office is located in the Campus Center (Building A4 4) on the Saarbrücken campus. The main order forms, e.g. for requesting a new or replacement card, and a price list are also available online.

  • The Uds Card can be used to access a range of services:
  • Vehicle entry permit to access campus or the peripheral car parks (note: requires prior activation at the Card Issuing Office)
  • Electronic wallet for payments at the Mensa, Mensagarten and Mensacafé; you can add money to your card either in the Mensa or at the Campus Center, or you can arrange to have your card credited automatically from your bank account
  • Borrowing books and magazines from the Saarland University and State Library SULB; please also refer to the information on the web page
  • Free travel on local public bus services (SaarVV) ) running between the Saarbrücken campus (numerous bus stops) the off-campus site in Meerwiesertalweg (alight at the bus stop ‘An der Trift’) where the administrative divisions Accounting and Finance (HF), Research Management and Technology Transfer (FT) and the University IT Centre (HIZ) are located
  • Access to the University Sport Centre facilities; your UdS Card is used for ID purposes and for booking equipment at the Uni-Fit gym (card needs to be activated at Uni-Fit first) – more information is available here
  • Using the open access printers and photocopiers on campus
  • Opening controlled access doors in certain buildings; if this applies to your building, please contact the access control system staff via zks(at)uni-saarland.de
  • As a professor, you can also receive an extra cost centre card, which can be used to directly debit departmental expenditure (e.g. photocopies) from your budgetary unit

If you need more information about this or any of the other functions of the UdS Card, if you have any questions about using the card, the staff at the Card Issuing Office would be pleased to assist. If you are having problems with card-based IT services (e.g. a door is failing to open), please create a support ticket in the ticketing system operated by HIZ. To open a support ticket, you will need your UdS ID code. If you need more information about the UdS ID code, please refer to our web page with information about IT services


If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or requests, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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