How is the central administration division of Saarland University structured?

The chief executive of the university is the University President and the top-level administrative body is the University Board. Members of the board include the vice presidents, each of whom heads one of the university’s central divisions. An organizational chart that shows how the university is organized and includes information on all of the key bodies and committees is available on the University Board web page. The university board is one the key decision-making bodies at Saarland University. You can review the minutes of previous board meetings on this web page(Note: you will need your university ID code for access). An overview of the university’s central divisions Central Administration web page.

The President's Office (BU) is the central management unit at Saarland University where you will find contacts for a diverse range of issues including professorial appointments, press and PR, and international affairs.

The Education and Quality ins (LS), is the place to contact if you have any questions regarding your students or your teaching duties (quality assurance and evaluation of teaching, submitting your teaching activity record sheet, conducting examinations and assessments) or about any continuing-education courses you contribute to. Please note, however, that all questions relating to curricular content or to practical organizational issues should be discussed and resolved with your faculty. To find answers to typical questions or to find out who to contact about specific teaching-related issues, please visit our dedicated web page.

The Research Management Division (F), provides assistance with all research-related questions. The staff at the unit can offer advice on a wide range of topics including acquiring and organizing external funding, communicating research results effectively, research grants and research funding issues. For more detailed information, please visit our dedicated research topics web page.

The Human Rescources Division (P) is the central HR unit at Saarland University. Further information is available via the HR Division web page and our staff web page.

The Accounting and Finance division (HF)  provides financial and budget management services and assistance with health insurance subsidies for civil servants (Beihilfe). The Accounting and Finance Department can answer your funding, finance and budget management questions.

The Department of International Relations (IB) answers all questions about international relations and cooperation in research and teaching.

The Campus Development and Building Management Division (CB) is responsible for developing and planning campus construction projects, for site management and for renovation and remediation work. If you have questions about the restructuring or layout of your rooms or work areas, please address them to the staff at Campus Development and Building Management.

The Central Procurement Division (ZB), assists all sections of Saarland University with the procurement of infrastructure, large-scale equipment, workplace furnishings, fixtures and fittings, etc. Contact Central Procurement if you have any questions about equipment, machinery and construction projects for which approval or funding has already been given.

The Facility Management Division (FM) is responsible for operating and maintaining the properties and building stock at Saarland University. The staff at Facility Management will be able to provide information about minor operational repairs, such as replacing lamps, dealing with heating problems, etc. If you are based on the Saarbrücken campus and have any issues of this type, please contact the fault reporting centre, which is a 24-hour service affiliated to the Facility Management Division.

The Legal Department is the place to contact if you have any questions of a legal nature.

We have compiled a web page that lists other service departments and service points, that you should know about.

Some of the university’s administrative services are located on the Saarbrücken campus, while other administrative services are situated at the nearby Meerwiesertalweg . The administrative divisions located on Saarbrücken campus are: the President’s Office (PB), Education and Quality Assurance (LS), Campus Development and Construction Management (CB), Facility Management (FM), as well as parts of Research Management and Technology Transfer (FT) and Central Procurement (ZB). The divisions located at the off-campus Meerwiesertalweg site are: Human Resources (P), Accounting and Finance (HF), parts of Research Management and Technology Transfer (FT) and Central Procurement (ZB), and the University IT Centre (HIZ). The Meerwiesertalweg site has car parking spaces in front of the building. As a member of university staff, you can also use your UdS Card to travel free of charge on one of the local bus services that run between campus and the Meerwiesertalweg site (alight at the bus stop ‘An der Trift’). Buses run fairly frequently and the journey lasts around seven minutes.

The Homburg campus is the site of the Saarland University Medical Center (UKS)  and is served by Saarland University’s comprehensive administrative structures. The Homburg campus is home to the university’s Faculty of Medicine with the faculty administrative offices. The Facility Management Division maintains a branch office on the Homburg campus and there are also other amenities and services such as a university sports centre, a Mensa refectory for staff and students and a branch office of the General Student Committee (AStA). If you work on the Homburg campus, many of your contacts and advisers within the university’s administration will be located at the Saarbrücken campus or at the Meerwiesertalweg site, so it is even more important for you to establish good contact to your faculty management team whenever organizational or research-related questions arise.

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