How do I recruit new members to my team? Who can provide me with advice and guidance on personnel-related issues?

Quick links to information on the recruitment process (job announcement, candidate selection, hiring)

To learn more about the steps involved in recruiting academic staff, please click here.

To learn more about the steps involved in recruiting administrative and technical staff, please click here.

If you have any questions about staff-related issues, please refer to the comprehensive information compiled by the Human Resources Division (Dezernat P) and make use of the help that they can provide. If you or a member of your team is unsure of how to proceed, you can of course contact the relevant HR adviser. Who you need to contact depends on your question or the area of concern; please refer to the Personnel Department’s list of HR contacts . A good place to start is the HR Service Team for Public Sector Employees (Tarifbeschäftigte) who can provide advice on staff recruitment issues.

You or your staff may also raise employment issues with the academic staff council und administrative and technical staff council. The staff council websites also contain important reference material and forms relating to workplace issues and employee rights. One of the documents linked is the Code of practice for the considerate and respectful treatment of employees, which explains the fundamental rights and obligations of employees and their supervisors and line managers at Saarland University.

A similarly important role is played by the university’s Gender Equality Officer She is involved in all university appointment procedures and provides advice on recruitment processes in general. The Gender Equality Office website contains useful documents, including a useful recruitment information sheet and the university’s gender equality plan.

If you plan to recruit new members to your team, you will need to follow a number of key principles, which you should become acquainted with as early as possible in the recruitment process. You are also welcome to contact your HR adviser at the Personnel Department, if you would like to learn more about issues such as staff with a disability). Please note that the relevant staff council (Personalrat) and the Gender Equality Office must be involved in every recruitment process.You should also be aware that the recruitment process – from initial job announcement to final appointment – usually takes several weeks to complete. Important information on the HR recruitment process is available online.

You must first decide whether you are planning to fill an academic/research position or a technical/administrative post. The position will need to be advertised and the candidates interviewed, which may involve the relevant staff representative council and/or the Disability Advisory Body. Once a candidate has been selected, a recruitment request will need to be submitted, which, depending on the position to be filled, may need to be approved by the staff representative council before the employment contract can be drawn up. The Human Resources Division provides support at all stages of the hiring process. If you have only recently been appointed to your professorial position, we recommend contacting the relevant HR adviser who can guide you through the recruitment process. The Staff Recruitment Advisory Desk for public sector employees Staff Recruitment Advisory Desk is a good place to raise any general questions that you may have about recruitment and employment contracts.

Please be aware that appointment letters can only be sent out by the future employer, i.e. by Saarland University itself. The same applies to written warnings, termination notices and any other employment-related issues that could arise in the course of an employee’s employment. Employment contracts must be signed at the offices of the Human Resources Division. Notification will be sent out when the contracts are ready for signing.

In addition to being acquainted with the most important aspects of employment law, you and your staff should make use of the large range of application forms and declaration forms that the university provides, e.g. pay-scale classification, holiday entitlement and holiday cover, health insurance subsidies , secondary employment activities, etc. These forms can be downloaded from the HR Division’s website.

To learn more about the HR Division and the services it provides, please visit our website. For more information on managing and supervising staff, please refer to our  supporting and supvervising your team web page and to our page on continuing education and training opportunities.

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