Where do I get my IT equipment from? How do I obtain a user ID for IT access and an email account?

How do I get a computer?

If you need computer equipment either when setting up your group or department or when expanding your IT capacity, you should initially contact the  Central Procuremen Division (ZB). The staff will help you to purchase the required number of computers and can assist with connecting them to the campus network. The Central Procurement Division has also created a web page with information on procuring IT-equipment. If you also need to have an operating system installed on each of your computers, you will need to specify this separately on the application form (‘Installation by HIZ’). If you need assistance but do not yet have a user ID for IT access (UdS ID code), you can send an email (from a personal account) to support(at)hiz-saarland.de or you can phone the  IT-Servicedesk.

For general information on setting up your group or departmental workplace (furnishing your office or work spaces, installing IT equipment, etc.), please refer to our web page on furnishing and equipping your workplace.

What is HIZ?

The basic IT equipment for your office and work spaces (e.g. network-enabled computers) is provided by the Central Procurement Division (ZB)

If you experience problems with your IT equipment after it has been installed and is operational, you should contact the University IT Centre (HIZ) for assistance. HIZ is the central service point for all IT-related requests and problems and the joint IT service provider for Saarland University and for the University of Applied Sciences in Saarbrücken (htw saar).

The most important services that HIZ provides are:

  • Technical delivery and maintenance of the UdS-Card system
  • Generating staff UdS ID codes
  • Configuring internet access for your computers
  • Configuring on-site and remote (VPN) access to the university network
  • Configuring a telephone connection
Your UdS ID code is the key to using the university’s IT services

Each member of staff at Saarland University has their own personal IT user code (UdS ID code), which is usually composed of letters from their first name and surname followed by a combination of digits, e.g. ‘jabo007’. With the UdS ID code you have access to most of the university’s IT services. Ideally, a request for a UdS ID code will have been submitted before the start of your professorial appointment. Please check with your faculty adviser or contact the  IT-Service-Desk, If a request to issue a UdS ID code was not made, you can submit a  request yourself.

Your UdS ID code forms the basis of your Saarland University email address (Zimbra, Webmail). It also gives you access to the following services:

  • A wide range of Software-Lizenzen (after activation), such as Adobe Connect, SPSS, ChemDraw;
  • Logging on to the Campus Management System (CMS) of the Higher Education Institutions of Saarland, currently LSF;
  • Access to the university’s campus network ‘Eduroam’ via a Wi-Fi link (log in with your UdS ID code and password);
  • Use of a VPN-Client to connect remotely to the university network (requires prior registration and installation);
  • Use of team-level networks or the university’s own network storage solution.


If you are interested in any of these or other IT services, please contact the IT-Service-Desk for assistance.

For all other IT services, such as using your faculty’s computer room (CIP-Pool), please get in touch with your faculty adviser or contact the faculty management team.

You can also set up a website for your group or department as a subdomain of Saarland University’s institutional internet domain. For more information, visit  How can I set up my own wegpage?.

How do I get a university email address?

Your UdS ID code is also your email user name for the Saarland University mail systems Zimbra or Webmail, e.g. Jabo007@uni-saarland.de, and will be set up for you by the University IT centre HIZ. If an email address was requested on your behalf, HIZ will send a letter containing your UdS ID code by post to your workplace, which, ideally, should arrive when you start your professorial appointment. Please check with your faculty adviser or contact the  IT-Service-Desk, to determine whether a request for a UdS ID code was submitted on your behalf. If not, you can complete the application form and submit a  request yourself.

Once your UdS ID code has been set up, you can register to use the Zimbra and Webmail web clients.

Who should I contact if there are problems?

When you begin your professorial appointment, you will, ideally, have received your UdS ID code and your workplace network access will have been configured. If that is not the case, please contact your faculty adviser or your faculty management team, who will generally be able to resolve the issue. If that is not possible, please get in touch with the  IT-Servicedesk.

For information on procuring IT and technical equipment, please refer to our web page on furnishing and equipping your workplace.

If you are having problems using any of the university’s IT services after your IT equipment has been installed and configured, please open a HIZ support ticket and describe your problem as precisely as possible. A member of the HIZ technical staff will contact you as soon as possible. You will need your UdS ID code to open a support ticket. If you have not yet been issued with your UdS ID code or the problem concerns your UdS ID code, please contact the IT Service Desk, which is located in the Campus Center (extension: 2222). You can also contact the team on the service desk if you would like to use a particular IT service and require some assistance.

How can I use Microsoft (MS) Teams and other MS services?

Microsoft Office365 is used for internal communication and work at the UdS. When you receive your UdS ID code, the University IT Centre (HIZ) also creates a Microsoft account for you. You can use this account to access all Microsoft Office365 services - e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Teams, etc. - even on your private devices. Log in to any Microsoft app with your ID code in the format "jabo007@uni-saarland.de" and your known password to use Microsoft services as an app or in the browser. For more information, have a look at the HIZ Microsoft help page and once logged in to Microsoft, visit the  MS Teams help page  on the intranet.


If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or requests, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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