Core skills programme at Saarland University

The European Reference Framework on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning (published in the Recommendation of the European Parliament and of the Council – 2006/962/EC) defines key competences as 'the combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes which all individuals need for personal fulfilment and development, active citizenship, social inclusion and employment.' Within the context of employment, key competences are generally understood as those core skills that, when combined with professional knowledge and expertise, enable someone to act appropriately and respond flexibly in different professional situations. Core skills are often subdivided into five main categories: methodological skills, numerical competence, social skills, decision-making abilities and personal competence. These general categories are often broken down into more specific skill sets, such as time management, conflict management, leadership skills, intercultural skills, etc.

Saarland University's core skills programme has been designed to help members of the university acquire and strengthen these different competencies.

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    • The StudiumPlus (HTW)

      As a UdS student, you can also take part in StudiumPlus at HTW free of charge! Here you will find other exciting offers that you can use to expand your skills.

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Partnership projects

    • Academic writing

      Explore the full range of academic writing courses offered by Saarland University in German and English.

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    • ProWis

      Saarland University established the ProWis programme to provide support and networking opportunities to post-doctoral academics at all stages of their careers. ProWis offers a wide range of activities to help post-doctoral researchers develop core skills, gain additional qualifications and expand their professional networks so that they can shape their post-PhD career path in the best possible way – regardless of whether their future career is in academia or in the public or business sectors.

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    • fit4more

      We want the student community at Saarland University to stay fit and healthy! Click or tap here to discover more about fit4more, see our current and upcoming courses and events, and learn about the health certificate that we'll be introducing in the near future.

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    • GradUS

      GradUS coordinates and organizes support for doctoral research students at Saarland University. As well as offering financial support, GradUS provides information and advice to PhD students and runs workshops and leisure activities.

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